Lucid Collection

Our mission is to help people see the best in themselves through the art and experience of fashion photography.
We believe a photo shoot isn’t just a transformation of the way you look. It’s an evolution in the way you see yourself.

  • 070-7378-1677(카톡=id1677)
  • Opening hours. pm12-pm10
  • Sat, Sun Off
  • 국민은행 093402-04-146825
  • 우리은행 1005-403-151007
  • 예금주 : 이재형
  • Company 제이브라운
    Owner & Admin 이재형
    Business no. 205-17-74406
    Online-order no. 제 2016-서울동대문-0637호
    Address 경기도 의정부시 호원동 신도5차아파트 501동 513호
    Tel 070-7378-1677
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